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"Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right" -   Henry Ford

If you want to achieve something, first you've got to believe you can.  Lucky for you, inspiring confidence is exactly what we do!  Study Monkey is a game-changing tuition company that works to transform every student, no matter their initial grades, into a high performer capable of achieving incredible results. 


We have first class programs and amazing teaching strategies in place to help our students succeed; however, above all, we're all about building a fantastic student-tutor relationship, as we understand that academic success involves more than simply nailing your times-tables or writing a top-notch essay on exam day.  Instead, our tutors act as both teachers and mentors, motivating students every step of the way to help them goal set, organise and plan assessment, and manage exam jitters so that their studies are stress-free. 

What We Can Do For You


Diagnostic Testing

We value starting off right!  After getting in contact with us, our client services team will put together a diagnostic test for you to complete before your free consultation session.  This helps our tutors identify the best areas to target from the very first session to maximise your results.

Free Consultation

We're committed to you!  We want you to feel confident in choosing Study Monkey and understand all the benefits of doing so.  To achieve this, we offer free half hour consultation sessions completely obligation free.  You'll get to meet your tutor and ask questions, while we set up a plan to help you succeed.

Weekly Session Reports

Tuition is a partnership!  After every session, our tutors fill out a session report for you.  It provides details on how the session went, areas for improvement, helps you reinforce your goals and gives you some work to do before your next session. 

We give you tools so you can

achieve your best!

We align with the school curriculum and assessment plans already in place in your school

We offer extremely affordable, competitive rates

We guarantee exceptional customer service and travel to you, so tuition stays convenient and students feel more at ease 

We stand by having no hidden costs or lock in contracts. We also provide an option to have any unused lessons fully refunded


In order for you to achieve your best, we need to hire the best!  All of our tutors have a current, valid working with children check relevant to their state and undergo extensive training prior to commencing with us.  We can easily accommodate your tutor preferences since we have an tutors located Australia wide. We keep in contact with our tutors at least once a fortnight and conduct quarterly, intensive training sessions to update our tutor's skills to make sure you're getting the best service you possibly can.

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