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We provide ATAR and high school help!

High school can be stressful!  The work quickly gets harder and the study load more full on.  Sadly, students often lack conceptual understanding of fundamental skills, or have poor study habits, meaning that they're soon left behind their classmates.  In the struggle to catch up, results drop and confidence plummets.

However, with a Study Monkey tutor working beside you, it's an easy fix!  Our tuition services are a unique combination of tutoring and mentoring.  Aside from being able to explain and break things down for you so that they don't seem so overwhelming, our tutors are with you every step of the way, incorporating goal setting and teaching you how to study well so that you always complete assessment on time and your studies are stress free.   If you're serious about improvement and you want to reach your fullest potential, contact us today!


We cover a range of subjects, offering tuition in high school Maths, English, Science, Biology, Physics, History, Geography, Business, Humanities, Languages & More!

We come to you!  By providing in-home tutoring, students feel more at ease, allowing them to get the most out of every session

Our tutors place a strong emphasis on goal setting and developing good study habits to reduce stress and keep you organised

We offer a free, half hour consultation session, so you can rest assured our services are right for you

Weekly session reports keep you updated on progress and further develop goal setting and study planning skills

(Yr 7 - Yr 12)

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