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(Prep - Yr 6)

It's often said that you should start how you aim to finish, and nothing could be more relevant in the context of primary school tuition.  Primary school is all about building foundations.  Here, students learn the basics, like how to construct a paragraph or perform basic maths operations.  It's a time to start developing good study habits, teach students to approach learning with a positive, 'can-do' attitude, and arm them with effective strategies to be able to tackle difficult questions.


Sadly, when students haven't built up these foundations, they soon crumble and fail.  Too often, these students really struggle as they progress up the grades as they lack the basics that underpin more advanced topics, causing their confidence to soon plummet.  That's where we come in!  We'll address any conceptual gaps before problems arise later on and equip our students with study skills to allow them to become eager, independent learners.  The often challenging transition to high school is made seamless and the rise in self-confidence is through the roof.  

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We cover all core subjects, offering tuition in primary school Maths, Science and English

We come to you!  By providing in-home tutoring, kids feel more at ease, allowing them to get the most out of every session

Our tutors use fun, hands on methods to keep learning exciting and young minds engaged

We offer a free, half hour consultation session, so you can rest assured our services are right for you

Weekly session reports keep you updated on your child's progress and develop goal setting and study planning skills

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