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Australia's Best Online Tutoring Service! 
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What Does Study Monkey Offer?

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We take a very unique approach to tutoring not offered by any other company in the industry.  Not only do we focus on teaching the actual content, but our tutors are trained to also view sessions holistically and look outside the box for other factors that may be affecting performance at school.  This may include things like working on exam strategies, time management, learning how to break down assignments and read criteria sheets, improving students' self-esteem and teaching them to have confidence in their abilities.

In doing so, we aim to create well-rounded students who can translate skills they learn in lessons to all areas of both their schooling and general life and in doing so, mould students into capable, confident learners ready to take on challenge and excel. 


In addition to this:

•    Our tutors are experts in their chosen teaching areas.  They have an exceptional understanding of the content and curriculum and can help your child wrap their head around tricky concepts.  They'll be achieving A's in no time!

•    Our team work fast.  We know you don't want to have to wait forever to try and get in contact with anyone and may need to get help for your child asap!  Once you make contact with us, we can get your first lesson set up within 1-2 business days 

•    Fantastic rates (lowest in the industry) with absolutely NO lock-in contracts or need to commit to a minimum number of lessons.  Pay as you go and book as often or as little as you like

•    Receive a detailed session report after each session summarising your child's strengths and challenges to keep sessions on track  

•    All sessions are one-on-one with a tutor specially chosen to suit your child's individual needs.  We tailor everything 100% to each child as we understand everyone learns differently  

Book a FREE Trial Now!
(LIMITED spots, don't delay!)

What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

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I'm not too sure online is as good as in-person...

This can be a common concern for many clients trying online lessons for the first time; however, after years of testing, we've actually found online is MORE effective than in person

  1. It's super convenient.  Have sessions any time any where - all you need is a stable internet connection​

  2. Since we are not limited by geographic location, we can choose the best tutor for your child from our ENTIRE team rather than just whoever is local 

  3. Many students find online lessons to be more interactive and fun.  Shy students are also often more comfortable and less intimated than meeting someone in person 

  4. More affordable!  Online rates are much cheaper than in-person as you're not paying extra for a tutor's travel costs

Book a FREE Trial Now!
(LIMITED spots, don't delay!)

Questions? Call Us: 1300 466 665

Expert Tutors​

We make sure we hire the best!  All tutors are highly experienced, receiving regular training with us in curriculum requirements .  They also all have WWCC, which include a background check to make sure they can work with students.

Save Money!​

Stop paying too much for expensive tutoring!  We have some of the lowest rates in the industry.  100% pay as you go.  No lock in contracts, no minimum sessions booked, and cancel any time.  Plus, new clients get their first trial session free

A+ Results

We have amazing success rates, transforming many students from failing E/D students to getting straight A's!  We provide session reports at the end of each session that keep you up to date with your child's progress and lessons are 100% individually tailored

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